instructions: each part has to be no less than 200 words. Each part also must us

Media analysis is a form of research in the fields of the humanities. You are expected to write a 6-7 page (not including a citation page),Times New Roman, 12 font, double spaced paper. · Pick an piece of media to analyze it can be but not limited to:o Comic booko Music videoo Song + lyricso Scene in a filmo Tv episodeo Commercial / advertisemento Art work from both social media, public installations, street art and galleries/museums· Pick a topic to use to analyze the piece of media. Your topics can range from the following list. I have also provided some questions to consider answering when you pick a topic.o Social Construction of Gender: How is gender being performed? What are gender roles that you see? Is it breaking or going along with the gender binary?o Privilege, Power and Oppression: What are some of the systems and processes of oppression that are exhibited in the piece of media? What is the artist or creator trying to say about these processes?o Intersectionality: How can intersectionality help us understand this piece of media better? Does the artist represent their identity in the work?o Queerness and Queer theory: Does this media portray critical representations of queerness or nonheteronormative relationships and families? Do the representations just copy stereotypes? How can we use Queer theory to analyze the work?o Biopolitics, body politics, body image: What is the piece of media saying about body politics? Are they rewarding thin bodies? Why or why not? What does the piece of media say about fatness or fat people?o Sex, pleasure, relationships and family: How is sex being portrayed in the specific form of media? Is pleasure being taken into account? How are relationships pursued in the piece of media? o Incarceration, protest, activism: What does the piece of media say about incarceration? Is the artist doing activist art? Who do you think their audience is?Overall Questions to consider:· How is this piece of media relevant to feminist studies?· What are some events or policies that were happening at the time the piece of media was created?· Make sure to explain your topic and piece of media to someone who has never taken a feminist studies class or consumed that specific media object.

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