In a two to three-page essay (excluding title and reference page), assess you an

social work exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.Lobbying Plan: Rough DraftThe assignment for this week has you considering legislators in a way – it is the rough draft of your lobbying plan. Please note that the annotated bibliography from Week 2 is a primary driver for this assignment. You are developing this plan in the hopes of executing it, and only first-rate presentations make the cut when you are lobbying. You will have much competition.Structure your lobbying plan following this standard outline incorporating appropriate heading levels:An APA Style Title PageAn Introduction Section (a Level 1 heading)300-700 words that introduce the issueDescription of setting (a Level 2 heading)Statement of objectives in your plan (a Level 2 heading)An Argument Section (a Level 1 heading)780-1,330 words where you summarize the research support for the issue.Explain what you have found out about your issue and what areas need to be addressed. (a Level 2 heading)Analyze the current status of actions being taken in the professional and legislative areas to support your explanations. (a Level 2 heading)Provide examples of areas that are working well and may need to be enhanced, as well as areas that are not working so well and need to be changed. (a Level 2 heading)An Action Section (A Level 1 Heading)300-700 words that define what action or legislative changes that you would like to see to resolve the issue.Explain what resources may be needed to execute the plan. (a Level 2 heading)Analyze how executing this plan will provide better services. (a Level 2 heading)Provide examples of the measurable improvements that you would expect to be the metrics for ongoing evaluations of the plan. (a Level 2 heading)Conclusion (A Level 1 Heading)300-700 words bringing the paper to a logical end.ReferencesFor this week, you should have each section substantially completed so that your instructor can provide feedback that you will integrate into the completed project for Week 6. For Week 6, you will submit the final version of this with a cover letter to the legislator to whom you will be lobbying.It is also strongly suggested that you send your work to the Writing Center for review and use the Grammarly (Links to an external site.) program by Week 4, Day 3 at the latest so that you will have time to get feedback and revise your draft accordingly before submitting your assignment on Day 7.Your paper should be 1,730-3,430 words in length and be based on articles published in the last ten years. The length does not include the cover page, table of contents, or references. You are required to use APA formatting for in-text citations and references. For further guidance, refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.).Point Value: 15 Points

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