Read all of the secondary sources and one primary source. Write an essay in whic

Please write a response to this students’ post.Prompt:In the mid-20th century, Dr. Williams Demings was a leader in quality improvement. His framework helped to transform health care through the use of his management theory and research techniques. Review his theory and choose three points to discuss. How could you use them as a nurse leader?Students’ post:Dr. William Deming created a framework for management in the 20th century. His management framework was created to improve and exemplify companies and increase success in businesses all around the world. Although he created his framework to better all companies; the healthcare industry seemed to latch onto the framework and adopt many of his framework points. There are 14 points to Dr. Deming’s framework and many of those points share similarities with other nursing frameworks. Many of his points are blatantly corporate conglomerate centered and surprisingly some are human and patient centered.There are three points that I believe can be served best for nurses in a leadership position. Create a constant purpose towards improvement, use training on the job, and implement leadership (Melnyk & Mastrian, 2019). Identifying opportunities to improve and grow are some of the qualities of a great leader. Someone in a leadership role will be able to see a way things are done and identify if there is a better way to do so. This would take evidence based practice(EBP), nursing experience, and a knack for critical thinking. The point by Deming about training on the job can be taken a few different ways. I perceive this point to encourage job training and promotion within the company. You do not become a leader without acquiring skills and experience. Being a leader in healthcare takes training and that is usually done in house. Also, a great leader can also identify when a person is able to cross-train, be promoted, or benefit from a new skill. Lead by example; the framework point to implement leadership is perfect for nurses in a leadership position. It has been revealed that some nurse leaders boast certain attributes such as being a self-starter, having self-efficacy, and practicing ethical behavior when training other nurses (Kim & Kim, 2019). It is important for leaders to practice what they preach, be a positive example in the organization, and proceed day by day as someone who can be looked upon to do the right thing always.Dr. Deming’s framework is a 14 point system that has been adopted by many companies since its inception. There are many points in the framework that work for healthcare and some that do not. Leadership is an important skill to have in all companies and must be appreciated and sought after. A nurse in a leadership position will most likely benefit from Deming’s management framework.Kim, H., & Kim, K. (2019). Impact of self?efficacy on the self?leadership of nursing preceptors: The mediating effect of job embeddedness. Journal ofNursing Management, 27(8), 1756–1763., B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2019). Evidence-based practice in Nursing & Healthcare: ?a ?guide to best practice (3rd ed.). Wolters Kluwer.Course Text Book:Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare, 3rd EditionISBN: 9781469893334By: Bernadette Melnyk; Ellen Fineo.

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