Please respond to this question using at least 300 words. You should use two sh

Please answer the following question. A full credit response would be approximately 3-4 thoughtful, well written paragraphs (about 200-250 words) Examine the role of metacognition in ELL students and critique its role in academic achievement. Then respond to the followind discussion post using 250 words:2. Explain wait time and its significance. Synthesize 5 to 6 ways that teachers can expand the wait time allocated to ESL students. Wait time in the classroom refers to the amount of time a teacher waits or gives for a student to answer a question. Three to five seconds or even less is the basic wait time a teacher should wait. Eight to ten seconds is the suggested wait time after asking a question for non English language learners, and English language learners should receive about thirty seconds. Extended wait time for ESLs is recommended so that they have more time allotted to fully understand the question and the language it was asked in. The quality of the answer a student will come up with should be found in the content of that answer, not on how fast the students can come up with an answer. Allowing longer wait times after asking a question like fifteen seconds instead of the normal three to five, can allow more time for the students to really think about the question and come up with a thoughtful and even better answer than if they had less time. Teaching your students about reflection can also be a great tool in helping them really use the wait time to benefit the quality of their answers. Give your students structured practice time for reflection, maybe this could be by practicing the wait time process. Ask the students a question and tell them to really reflect on it for their answer and slowly start building up the amount of time you wait, starting at five seconds and slowly work up to fifteen. Another effective way to implement wait time in the classroom is to not attach the question to a student. For example, don’t say “Billy, what do you think is the main idea of the passage we just read?” Just ask the question open ended and practice extending the wait time and see how effective the answers you receive are. Let your students know that there is no rush to answer the question. Yes, you have an allotted amount of wait time but your students don’t need to know that exact time amount. Tell your students to raise their hands whenever they are ready. If you call on a student and they hesitate, just let them know kindly that you will come back to them to hear their answer when they are ready. This releases some of the pressure to answer and answer correctly in a room full of their peers. Lastly I find that pausing after the student has given their answer to reflect can be effective too. You can say things like “great! Now let’s think about that answer for a minute.” This also will imply practice for reflection. As a class you can reflect on the answer the student gave and why it is a good answer or if it needs a little more. Ultimately having wait time after you ask a question is a very effective technique. All of the ideas I gave can be great for ESL students because it allows them to have more time to process what is being asked without them having to be bombarded with a bunch of answers that they may not fully understand. Taking a step back to reflect can be a great way for ESL students to improve as well as non ESL students.

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