Locate one journal article that supports Social Structure Theory of Criminology

My topic is on “The Importance ofBorder Security Measures in National Security” . My abstractpage is completed and attached. The resources needed are outlinded in my abstract page. Myabstract paper outlines everything I need. Please do not change my Abstract paper. It was already graded.. What border security-related topic have youidentified to research.-The Importance of Border Security Measures in NationalSecurity2. What will you attempt to prove regardingyour topic as your thesis statement?I will attempt to provehow each administration took continuous measures to protect and secure bordersand increase national security effectively, to conform to the evolving threatsdue to globalization.Research Questions.1. What successful measures have successive USAdministrations taken on the issue of border security?2. How effective have these measures been?Thesis StatementEach Administration has taken continuous measures to protectand secure borders and increase national security effectively. They have donethis by conforming to evolving threats due to globalization.

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