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writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.part 1 :10a. Practicing Field Research. Assumethe role of the researcher and systemically observe a social group thatyou interact with on a daily basis (work, intramural sports, socialclub). Take field notes and include them in your essay. Did you learnanything new about the social group when collecting systematic data thatyou had not known before? How difficult was it to maintain the role ofthe researcher, as opposed to just another member of the group? Did youreveal you identity as a researcher, and, if so, how did other membersof the group react?or10b. Evaluating Elements of Social Life. If you came across thelive event portrayed in Norman Rockwell’s 1919 “Soldier and Comrades”,you evaluate as a practice, episode, encounter, relationship, groups,organization, and/or life style?Part 2 :Payattention to any online surveys you receive solicitation for via email,or see show up on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.Look at the survey and then see if it follows the best practices forsurvey design and items included. Discuss your findings.please submit as 2 separet documents

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