Imagine you are an HR professional in an organization whose middle managers have

psychology project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Kenya Taylor’s automobile dealership has a number of high-achieving salespeople who could be described as extreme Type A personalities. Unfortunately, several of them are experiencing stress-related physical problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and migraine headaches. You have been hired to develop a stress reduction program incorporating both relaxation techniques and physical exercises that can be utilized by individuals and in group sessions several days a week at work. Describe specifics of a program that incorporates techniques of proven efficacy in dealing with extreme Type A personality behaviors.Be creative and be sure to include:An introduction (preview of what to expect in the paper)Why you were hired as a consultant and what is known about the stress-related work problemsThe name of your proposed program with a description of its techniques and exercises with details of their efficacy and benefits (cited relevance)Specifics of the components of the program such as format, number of sessions, duration, frequency, how each session will begin or end, how to sign up for it, etc.Conclusion (summary of main points)Papers must be written using the current APA Publication Manual.Papers should be at least four to six typed double-spaced pages (Title page and References do NOT count; Please do NOT exceed page limit).Papers must include a minimum of five relevant resources, appropriately cite

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