Read section 1.6 Pure and Applied Research in the textbook to better understand

Popular culture inAmerica History AssignmentAnswer theassignment questions in a short essay. The first question asks you toidentify patterns that appear in multiple letters, describing the problemsimmigrants faced. Look for conflicts between parents and theirchildren, between spouses, between immigrants and each other. Payspecial attention to the cultural conflictover assimilation, or between “Old World” values and newAmerican values. Use specific examples froma few letters to show how these patterns can be identified.The second question asks you toidentify and explain the attitudes of the Bintel Brief editors (thesection marked “Answer” at the end of each letter). Connect them and compare them to identification from Lecture #7. Do theyagree with Jane Addams about assimilation? Do they seem like Nativists orSocial Darwinists in their answers? Use examples to explain.The last question asks you tocompare today’s immigrants to the ones who wrote the Bintel Brief letters. Do you think they have similar problems and issues today? Why or why not?The Bintel brief letters are in the pdf

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