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Marketing ArticleWe will be reviewing several marketing principles and applications during the course. One way astudent can further his/her knowledge and understanding of marketing is to read publications,journals, periodicals, and other sources whose content focuses on marketing topics andinformation. Each student is requested to review a marketing article concerning a company,marketing trend or topical area, or product/brand of your interest. The article must be current –published since January 1, 2021.This assignment should be completed by finding an article dealing with a topic of marketing andcompleting a full two (2) page typewritten summary regarding the significance of the marketingeffort and the goals the company is attempting to accomplish. Review the following:What business trends or opportunities in the industry is the company trying to address?Which of marketing’s “4P’s” is the company managing to capitalize on its action(s)?• How does the article relate to our course and textbook chapter content?• What customer groups/consumers are the principal targets for the marketing initiatives?• What else do you think the company might do to be successful with its endeavors?• Attach the link to the article to your typewritten summary.Recommended sources for finding a marketing article include publications such as The WallStreet Journal, Advertising Age (www., Brand Channel (,and Forbes and various internet sites.

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