Instructions: Use the internet to conduct research about a significant person wh

MENTORING – (Organizational Communication)Make sure to do each part separetly.Part IDefine the concept/theory (mentoring) : Remember to define the concept/theory. How do the experts define the concept/theory you’ve chosen?Analyze the concept. Remember, analysis is the process of breaking a complex topic or concept into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it. This portion doesn’t have to be extensive. Be sure you’re demonstrating an understanding of the basic components of the theory/concept/approach you choose. The bulk of your post should be focused on Part II (below).Example: In Part I you’ll define the concept using the expert’s words and then you’ll simply describe how you understand the definition given by the experts. For example Miller defines concept X as “provide definition” (p. x). To me, this means, (describe the concept in your own words). Again, this does not need to be long. You’re setting the foundation for your critique in part II.Part II: Play Devil’s AdvocateIn Part II of your discussion post, critique the chosen theory/concept. What is missing? What doesn’t work? What does the research supporting the theory/concept not account for? Use your experience and critical thinking skills to support your critique. For example, if a theory/concept talks about stages of group development, compare that to what you’ve seen and experienced in real life. Maybe in your experience, groups don’t develop in such a linear fashion. The goal is to critique the theory/concept with comparisons to your personal experience.SOURCES: Use the attached document text for reference. The text in red is from the book Organizing Relationships, Patricia M. Sias, 2009, chapter 3.

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