NO TITLE PAGE NEEDED Final Exam: Elite Deviance and White-Collar CrimePLEASE N

Option #1: Portfolio Project PaperPart 1At the beginning of this course, you developed a personal time management system. Assess the time management practices you’ve implemented. What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked for you? What will you change moving forward? Part 2During this course you created your personal leadership vision. Revisit your vision. How is it accurate? Moving forward, would you revise or amend it? If so, how?Part 3Think of a time when you were faced with a significant challenge, i.e. a difficult decision, problem, or conflict. Describe the challenge. How did you approach it in terms of personal leadership? What leadership characteristics and strengths did you exhibit? What sources of influence were involved? How did you respond?Your paper should be 5 – 8 pages long, include a minimum of two credible sources, and conform to APA paper format(Links to an external site.)guidelines including in-text citations(Links to an external site.)and references(Links to an external site.).

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