my professor asked me to make a short proposal draft according to the proposal a

Obtain the most recent company’s annual report of one famous company and analyze the financial statements for two years (2020-2019). You will prepare a written projectTo develop this analysis, you need to use the Annual Report (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash-flows, and the notes to the financial statements). Moreover, you need to find information on other financial websites like:• Wall Street Journal. (• Financial Times. (• Bloomberg (• Investopedia (• Marketwatch (• Google Finance ( and evaluate the recent performance of this firm, preparing a written analysis, and then presenting their findings and recommendations.Choose a company of your choice to analyzeStructure of the project: It must include the following sections:1. Executive Summary2. The balance Sheet (the statement of financial position)3. The Income Statement4. The Statement of Cash Flow5. The notes to the financial Statement6. Conclusions/RecommendationsSECTION 1: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (2 pages maximum).In this section provide a brief overview of each of the company. This part should provide thefollowing information:• Official name of the corporation• Location of the corporate headquarters• Company Internet address• Date of the most recent company’s annual reports• Which is the Core business of this company?• Why has this company been successful? (Key points).SECTION 2: THE BALANCE SHEET (Student A)• Horizontal and vertical analysis.What are the most important accounts in the balance sheet of the company? Isthe company in a good overall position? Improved from last year?• What is your opinion about the financial position of the firm in this year?SECTION 3: THE INCOME STATEMENT• Horizontal and vertical analysis.• Is the Company experiencing a considerable growth? Where is the growth comingfrom? You could graph your results in order to demonstrate the trend.• Has the company been affected by the COVID-19? In which document can wesee this?SECTION 4: THE STATEMENT OF CASHFLOWSAnalyze the statement of Cash Flows.Any significant change on the cash position of the firmSECTION 5: NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTSOther Important information.SECTION 6: CONCLUSIONS/RECOMMENDATIONSDraw conclusions from the data that was gathered in Sections 2 – 5, and determine therelevant position of the corporation in all of the analyses. The thoughtfulness of the analysiswill be the most important factor in the evaluation of this section.1. What are the overall strengths and weaknesses of the corporation?2. What recommendation would you make to current and potential investor, lender or future employee in these corporations?3. Which is the company in the best financial situation?4. What is the document that can increase our trust in the fair reality of these financial statements report?5. Are these conclusions like the information found on financial websites about these firms?SECTION 7: APPENDIXThe project will include copies of the financial statements in the appendix.The calculations used to determine the answers for other parts of the project must be included in the appendix.

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