Module 02 Content Mr. Rivera is a 72-year-old patient with end stage COPD who is

Now that you have learned more about the elements involved in managing a business or organization, you should be able to outline the basics of a business plan.When we refer to the elements for the purpose of this writing, they are the ones explained in the book: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.The Objective of the entire exam is to understand the principles covered in the book so far. You may of course use your experiences to illustrate points in the book, but if you use an acronym that is “jargon” applicable to your work, make sure to explain it and the concept.In this exam, write an essay in which you respond to the following. Cite at least two sources and format those sources, and make sure to include the textbook.Write 2 – 3 paragraphs reflecting on what you have learned so far directly tied to the concepts in the book. In these paragraphs, do not cover functions of management. That will be covered in a later question.Write 2 – 4 paragraphs to design a business plan for your current company or for an original business idea. (Keep this simple, as this is not an in-depth, FULL business plan) Consider and describe the internal and external factors that would shape the plan.In the first paragraph, descrive your business or startup idea: What is the business? What industry? What population are you aiming to serve?You will use outside sources such as (or including) what I have listed below.SHRM: Environmental Scanning:Essay 4_What are the basics of environmental scanning as part of the strategic planning process_.pdfCitation: SHRM, What are the basics of environmental scanning as part of the strategic planning process? , In E. Walsh (ED), Business 1001, Intro to Business, (Reprinted from SHRM Daily Newsletter, Society of Resource Management, United States: SHRM )SBA: Fund your BusinessWrite a paragraph on each of the 4 functions of Business Management. How would that function be used in the business described in question 2. Make the “Control” function the topic of the final paragraph(s) of the analysis. Describe how this control would help achieve the goals of the business (and in the plan).Your paper will be double-spaced, and use APA format. No cover sheet is necessary.Due Sunday July 21, by 11:59pm EST. Late submissions will be accepted through Tues. July 23, 11:59 pm with 10 points deducted per day late.NOTE: Once a submission is made, it may not be replaced or edited, and it may be graded. Please make sure that submissions have had a final edit before submitting. Thank you!BUS1001_Essay Rubric.docx1) Make sure that paragraphs are used to separate ideas, and that points are in the correct paragraphs.2) Read your writing aloud to make sure that it says what you mean it to!3) Do not use a title page. On the first page of your assignment, state the following.Your NameThe CourseThe AssignmentProfessor NameSubmission Date

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