Please read through this account of the Great Awakening: http://historymatters.

Please answer each question separatelyQ1What  is the significance of cultural competence in professional psychology  in terms of both the history of diversity issues and the issues that are  present in this country? In responding clearly describe the significant  historical diversity issues and the issues based on both the reading  and in the environment.Q2readings  described, human sexuality involves the interrelationship  of a person’s biological, psychological, and sociocultural  characteristics (e.g. the three dimensions of human sexuality). Evaluate  each of the dimensions according to their significance in your life.  what  was the course of most of your information about sexuality as you grew  up? How did your experiences with parents, teachers, and peers influence  your views of sexuality today?Q3Are you  a product of “nature” or “nurture” or maybe a little bit of both?  Describe what makes you, you. Give at least 1 example of an aspect of  your personal development that would support the notion that you are a  product of your heredity. In other words, what is it about you that  would appear to be in-born, either from what parents’ have passed down  genetically or what otherwise seems to be hard-wired in you? If you  think you’re a product of your environment, share an example that  supports that theory. Finally, if you think you’re a product of both  nature and nurture, tell us why. Make sure to support your answers with  facts from the lesson material.Q4As a sports  manager, there will be times when change in the workplace will be  necessary, whether it be a new policy or downsizing. It is the manager’s  job to keep his or her employees motivated. Due to the economy, you, as  the athletic director, recently had to inform the men’s Soccer coach  that his program at your university was being cut completely (i.e.,  dissolved). There are no immediate plans to cut any other programs, but  the Men’s and Women’s Tennis as well as Baseball and Softball coaches  are all asking you if their athletic program will be dissolved in the  near future. How would you keep these coaches motivated to continue to  recruit and train their athletes without applying for immediate  employment opportunities at other institutions?Q5

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