Identify the most commonly prescribed agents in the major psychopharmacologic drug classes.

nursing writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Review the interactive case studies.(see attachment) Your post should address the following:Summary of your chosen case studyWhat is your differential diagnosis?Why did you make this diagnosis decision?What is your treatment plan?What evidence-based research can you provide to support your decision (choice for differential diagnosis and plan/intervention)?What resources did you use to meet your best practice guidelines?Address the ethical dilemmas and/or other issues for your case study:What do you think about being a mandated reporter and how the laws may allow a teen to make her own choices with regards to her reproductive health? What ethical dilemmas and/or other issues do you need to consider?Ethical issuesPsychological issuesPhysical issuesFinancial issuesDO NOT COPY the solution from studypool or coursehero because all those works were checked and received a failing grade. Make sure that the work is fully original as this will be checked in depth

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