prompt 1 (200 words): The Internet provides unparalleled informational resources

Please read the attached document which is all the homeworks assigments that i have done for the past 2 months. Please summarize what i have learned during these past 2 weeks.Please follow the direction of these assigment because it weight heavy on my final grade.Week 8 Journal AssignmentReflect on what you have learned during this class by providing a response for each question below. Your response should be 300-400 words in length. Two points per day will be deducted for late submissions. Late submissions will not be accepted after the close of the term.Describe, in detail, the most meaningful piece of information that you learned during each week of discussions.Week 1 – Culture and Diversity DefinedWeek 2 – CLAS Standards and Organizational ImplementationWeek 3 – Applying Cultural Principles in Healthcare SettingsWeek 4 – Cultural Groups of Asian HeritageWeek 5 – Cultural Groups of Hispanic/Latino Heritage and US Americans of European HeritageWeek 6 – African Americans, Native Americans/Alaska NativesWeek 7 – Spirituality, Religion, and HealthWeek 8 – Utilizing Resources to Serve Multicultural PatientsIt is important that all persons involved in healthcare organizations assist in advancing cultural competence within an organization. Discuss at least three ways that, as an employee, YOU can contribute to advancing cultural competence within your organization. If not employed, discuss how you COULD advance cultural competence if you were employed.

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