Instructions For this assignment, you must first view the video Applying Psychol

Make sure you have read the article by Weinstein, M. (2014).Assignment: High Performing Teams’ TrainingYou have been tasked with creating a training program to help executive management develop fully functional virtual teams around North America (Mexico, U.S., and Canada) that will either (1) develop new products, (2) be tasked with regional distribution services, or (3) be in charge of regional marketing; this your choice.The name of the training program is titled “The Dream Team.”You are going to create a virtual team training session and you will choose the reason for the teams’ development through the training program from the three possibilities provided above. Then address the following checklist items:Checklist: Dream Team PresentationYou will describe the overall training program to train 20 teams of 5 for the reason you chose from the three choices provided.Use the Training Steps (from your reading) to create an agenda that will include the vital content you deem necessary to manage and develop collaborative high performing teams for the purpose you selected from the three possibilities.Make sure to address the needed team building process steps.How will these teams manage themselves?What skills will these high performing team members need to direct themselves?What skills will be needed and what practices will need to be implemented by the external leaders of these high performing teams?Submit:The 2–3-page paper in current APA format and citation style with an additional title and reference page you created

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