Nationwide Financial, a 5,000-employee life insurance company based in Columbus,

One of the concepts you studied this week was the product life cycle. Consider now the product life cycle concept as you work on this assignment.Prepare an analysis and address the following:Do you believe the firearms industry fits the traditional product life cycle? For your analysis, consider one specific segment, such as a model of gun or rifle. Where in the product life cycle would this segment be at now?Continue your analysis and answer the following:What do you foresee for the firearms industry? Do you see growth in the industry overall, or one particular segment? If you foresee growth, is it based upon consumer buying behavior and is this likely to fluctuate frequently?Supplemental Sources:Section 3: Gun Ownership Trends and Demographics (Links to an external site.) from Pew Research CenterAmerica’s Gun Business, By the Numbers (Links to an external site.) by Ben Popken

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