How to Write an Evaluation Essay Topics

The evaluation essay is one of those assignments that drive students crazy. But while it may seem immensely complicated at first, things are much easier than you may think.

Now, let us introduce you to the process of writing a strong evaluation essay, as well as present you with a couple of topics so you could get started right away.

What is an evaluation essay?

The goal of an evaluation essay is to present a view on the quality of a certain product, service, or business. An evaluation essay is somewhat based on the writer’s opinion, but it should not come across as biased or opinionated. All the judgments you make in an evaluation essay need to be supported by evidence.

Importance of criteria, judgments, and evidence

An evaluation essay consists of three key elements – criteria, judgments, and evidence. Let’s now explore what they are and why they are important.


The criteria will help demonstrate what should be expected as an ideal example from a product, service, or anything you are evaluating. When evaluating the topic you’ve chosen, you will be comparing its features against the criteria.

Think about what best describes the product or service you are evaluating. If it is a restaurant, the criteria may be food quality, cleanliness, the friendliness of the staff, its price policy, etc. If you are evaluating a film, criteria for it may be the choice of actors, whether the characters are well-written or not, its story, music, or whatnot.


During the judgment process, you establish whether the criteria or not have been met. For each criterion you’ve set, you should make an evaluation one by one.

For example, with service quality in a restaurant, your task would be to determine if it meets, exceeds, or falls short of the expectations. This applies to the rest of the criteria as well.


You must provide evidence to advocate your judgments. For example, if you determine that the service quality in a restaurant falls short of expectations/meets or exceeds them, you will need to back it up with evidence.

How to write an evaluation essay?

Choose your topic

Unless you are assigned a topic by your professor, you will need to pick one yourself. Generally, it is a good idea to pick a topic that you already have some knowledge about since you will spend less time and effort on researching it.

Develop a thesis statement

Your thesis statement will contain the main claim of your essay, i.e. the overall judgment you’ve come to while evaluating the topic. You may or may not include supporting reasons in the thesis statement.

Choose the evaluation criteria

As we’ve mentioned above, you will need to determine certain criteria, against which you will be evaluating the topic of your essay.

Gather supporting evidence

An evaluation essay is based on evidence much more than on personal opinion. Thereby, you will need to look for credible sources that would support your judgment on the topic.

Draft your essay’s outline

Once you’ve collected the data you need and have made your judgments, it is time to produce a draft of your evaluation essay.

Your evaluation essay should have the following structure:


  • In the first paragraph, you need to introduce your subject to the audience. Briefly overview your topic, present why it is important for people, and why it should be evaluated. Establish your criteria as well.
  • Your thesis statement should be in the second paragraph of the introduction.


Reason for your judgment

  • Write a topic sentence and your judgment of the first criteria (whether or not it has been met). When moving from the introduction to the first reason, make sure to use transition words to move smoothly through your essay.
  • Supporting evidence. Provide credible information that would support your judgment, e.g. statistics, expert testimonials, quotes, etc.
  • Address and refute any objections. If you are able to address objections or opposing views and provide evidence for refuting them, you will make your argument stronger.

Repeat this section for each of your judgments.


In the conclusion, you need to restate your thesis statement and the purpose of your work. In addition, you should provide reasons as to why your audience should care about your topic.

Evaluation essay topics

Restaurant evaluation essay topics

  1. Evaluate the cafeteria of your campus. You may write whether its staff is friendly and whether the food is good there.
  2. Give an opinion on the most popular restaurant in your area.
  3. Compare a cheap and expensive restaurant. Pinpoint their differences and similarities. Evaluate how the food served in them differs. Touch upon the pricing policy and give an opinion on whether you agree with it or not.
  4. If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant, share your experience of being its employee. Compare the working experience with the experience of eating there.
  5. If there is a new place in your town, pay a visit to it. Evaluate whether this place offers something unique and new, and whether it is a good restaurant to visit.

Movie evaluation essay topics

  1. Evaluate a movie inspired by a book and give an opinion which is better.
  2. Evaluate a history movie. Review how accurately its director managed to convey the described historical period.
  3. Review the last movie you’ve watched. Write why you liked or disliked it.
  4. Evaluate a movie about war. Describe how it depicts the problem of war and peace and what lessons could be drawn from it.
  5. Evaluate a movie with an excellent soundtrack. Explain why and how the musical accompaniment improves the movie.

Sports evaluation essay topics

  1. Evaluate the most popular sport in your country/state/hometown. Give reasons for why it is so popular.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of sports in fighting obesity. In particular, pinpoint which sport is the most effective at promoting weight loss.
  3. Review sports nutrition. Evaluate whether protein, BCAA, or other food supplements are safe or not.
  4. Compare watching a sports event live with watching it on TV. Alternatively, compare watching sports at home with watching sports at a bar, or watching alone vs watching with friends.
  5. Analyze the performance of a sports team or a particular player.

Technology evaluation essay topics

  1. Evaluate gaming in student years. Give an opinion on whether gaming helps or hurts students.
  2. Evaluate how different generations are using modern technologies.
  3. Evaluate whether or not restricting children’s access to technology is beneficial for them.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of technology in teaching. In particular, evaluate whether video clips, PowerPoint presentations, or other types of media improve the learning process.
  5. Evaluate whether your personal use of technology makes your life better or not.